Android Apps

Simple game that makes you follow the cups to find the hidden ball. More similar games/game modes will be added under the same application.

Aethon Demo Game

This project is the Demo Game for my game engine called Aethon Engine. It will be updated to have many mini-games but only contains one for now. It's a game I called Hidden, where you have to discover the red chips after they move around the board. It's extremly hard. Hope you enjoy! Have Fun!

If the game fails to load because of an "MSVCP110.DLL" error and you want to play, please try installing: Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012

Ludum Dare

This project was created for Ludum Dare 25 (Dec 14th-17th, 2012) with the theme "You are the Villain". The objective of the game is to kill the goats and farmers, and survive 3 minutes. If you try it, I hope you have some fun.

This project was created for Ludum Dare 29 (Apr 25th-28th, 2014) with the theme "Beneath the Surface". You are an alien and you are able to mine the world. There is no really objective, except to acquire the powerups at the shop. Hope you like it!

This project was created for Ludum Dare 37 (Dec 9th-11th, 2016) with the theme "One Room". In Shadow Realm, you are a traveler. You travel between dimensions with the hope of discovering something great.

This project was created for Ludum Dare 39 (July 29th-August 1st, 2016) with the theme "Running out of Power". You are stranded in a moon, because you ran out of fuel! Construct buildings to generate perpellant, energy and metal, to fly back home.

Cube World

Both projects are 'hacks' that allow to edit some assets of the game. They have the that explains how to use them, if you are interested.

Asset Manager for Cube World. Decodes/Encodes the blobs from the .db files.